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Tax Info


  • First working day in January - Begin accepting New Homestead Applications or making changes to existing applications.
  • February 1st - Last day to pay real estate, personal property, and mobile home taxes without a late fee.
  • April 1st - Last day to file for homestead exemption.
  • April 1st - Last day for businesses to file personal property renditions.
  • July 15th - Land rolls and personal property rolls open for public inspection.
  • July 31st - Last day to pay real estate taxes to keep them from being published in the newspaper.
  • First Monday in August - Deadline to file valuation appeals with the board of supervisors for both real and personal properties.
  • Last Monday in August - Property tax sale of all delinquent accounts.
  • October 1st - New millage rates go into effect.
  • December 1st - Begin collecting real and personal property taxes.

TOWN OF LEAKESVILLE                  =   30.00
TOWN OF MCLAIN                            =   31.46
TOWN OF STATE LINE                      =   32.50


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