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Motor Vehicle


The following items are required when requesting a Tag or Title transfer:

  • Original title (signed by owner or owners as shown on the front) or a copy of the title application provided by the dealer.
  • Odometer disclosure statement if vehicle is newer than ten (10) years
  • New owner or owners must be present to sign title application (unless a notarized power of attorney form is used)
  • Proof of Residency (utility bill or other item with home address indicated)
  • Window sticker with MSRP for new cars 
  • Driver License Numbers    


Vehicle registration (car tags) can be renewed in person at the Tax Collector’s Office or by mail.

A solid waste account is required to renew tags. Please contact the Waste Management Department to verify that your account is in good standing 601-394-2394.


Upon the purchase of a new vehicle, the tag must be purchased within seven (7) working days of the purchase date to avoid penalties.

The Mississippi Tax Commission provides specialty tags available for a fee.  Click here for a list and a picture of the current tag list. To view a list of the NASCAR driver license plates, click here. 

When a person moves into this state from another state, a Mississippi registration must be obtained within 30 days of the move.

Upon selling or trading a vehicle, the seller shall remove the license plate from the vehicle and surrender the tag and receipt to the tax collector's office for credit towards another tag or a certificate of credit. No refunds.